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July 16, 2012
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ZERO--00: Ben by yakitunafish ZERO--00: Ben by yakitunafish
(This is ~Koreria typing in place of Yaki lol orz)
Application for :iconzero--00:

edit// i've regained my internet! ; 7 ; sjdlfd thank you so much to ria for helping me get all of this up and uploaded orz

Name : Ben Stendahl
D.O.B : December 23
Age : 21
Gender : M
Height : 175cm (5ft 7inch)

Occupation : Loan Shark
Zone : Currently in Zone 3, moves around often.

Demonic Weapon :
-Parasite Type
-Round, fan-like blades/chakrams (2)

Form 1: Melee weapon, handheld round blade (can also be used as a projectile)
Form 2: Mid range, double-ended staff with half-moon/collapsible blades on each side

Personality :
Ben is extremely narcissistic and is constantly, meticulously grooming himself. However, despite his obsession over aesthetics and his looks, he prides himself on his studious nature, and is very intelligent. This arrogance often leads to hotheadedness and overall cruelty towards others he views as ‘lesser’ beings. On the contrary, when meeting someone whom he considers superior, he will either exhibit complete submission and respect, or become very quietly jealous, and violent. Ben is normally not violent (not to say that he is passive), but this lies on a hair-trigger; otherwise, a completely neurotic and complex-ridden creature takes over. Despite everything, underneath the prideful persona is an anxious and lonely child, longing for support but pushing others away.

History :
Although growing up in the Central allowed him to live a privileged life in a rather wealthy, middle-class home, Ben was always lonely. A perfect businessman father, a perfect housewife mother who would often go out to titter around with her ‘girl-friends’ and have parties, perfect friends who called often and gave gifts on holidays and birthdays.... and a perfect, painfully flawless, completely invincible twin brother...

Life was hell.

There was never a Ben. They were always a unit, a unit consisting of just his brother: Alan.

The perfect father would always pat Alan heartily on the back, teaching him himself how to drive, how to shoot, how to pick up girls. The perfect mother would always dote on her perfect son, crooning over his perfect hair and his perfect face and his perfect grades. He didn’t really have friends, they were Alan’s friends. They called him often, gave useful gifts on birthdays and holidays, but there was just one problem: in this perfect world full of perfect people, there was no room for Ben.

He would always wonder what made them different. At night, in the room they shared, his perfect brother would sleep, and he would be standing over him, observant, devastated, and confused.

They shared the same face, the same eyes, the same nose. Was Alan’s hair darker? More golden? His eyes brighter somehow? Ben didn’t see. To him they were the same.

Years passed of the same, and Ben would try to be just like his perfect, kind, brother. He studied even more, ate even less, smiled all the time, yet he was just as insignificant as before.
Finally, enough was enough. He was better than Alan. He was handsomer, scouted randomly on the streets, unlike Alan, he was smarter, consistently scoring top marks, unlike Alan, he was kinder, being indiscriminate of all and everyone who wanted his attention, and above all... he was angrier.

One night, planned to the second, the night before Alan’s first date, Ben waited. He acted as if he were asleep while Alan paced around, too excited for the tomorrow he’d never see. The days prior to this night, Ben had drawn back, quieter than he was as a child, cold to everyone, and with a strange light in his eyes, but no one noticed, and that was for the best.

When Alan finally drifted off to sleep, Ben walked quietly over to his bed, standing over his for the last time. He was above Alan, he was superior. The next few minutes went by quickly, Alan didn’t even have time to scream. 57 times. The number held no significance to him, but he had to stab his brother 57 times before he was sure he was dead.

His parents found out, obviously. His perfect parents, grieving over the loss of their perfect child. Ben wasn’t enough to replace Alan, so they sent Ben away. His cell was perfectly white, and perfectly square. The hallways smelled perfectly clean, and the people there all wore pristine, white clothing.

Everything was perfect again. Except him. But Ben was smart, and he knew how to use his face. 37 stabs with a broken spoon later, Ben was free. He left the white place, and no one really noticed. But that was all for the best.

He spent the next few years moving around the districts, quick to leave his hometown. For a few days, he would work as a convenience store cashier, then as a library assistant, then as a school janitor. After a long while of hopping around various temporary jobs, a bright-haired man wearing even brighter clothes approached him. It wasn't the cleanest of meetings, because Ben had finally had his reunion with his perfect parents in a dark corner near the local cemetery. 96 stabs later, the man made him an offer. [END]

Likes/Dislikes :

+ taking selca pictures
+ taste of herbal medicine and coffee
+ junk food
+ getting money
+ people liking / fawning over him
+ cute girls
+ Alice

- being ignored
- messy hair
- sleeping
- overly quiet places / small places
- animals that shed
- being called 'Benny'
- when Alice is busy

- the history was narrated from Ben's point of view, Alan was a very loving, caring brother
- occasionally displays schizophrenic tendencies
- although condescending, he tries to be nice and emphatic so people will like him more (basically how Alan was)
- loan shark is his main job, but on off days he likes working jobs with a lot of casual human interaction (usually cashier-type work)
- doesn't smile or frown too widely because he's afraid of getting lines

errrghghhlsdjkflsaj ; ___; /s-sonervous
best of luck to everyone! ; ;
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