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August 11, 2012
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Milizia: Minkyu INAPTITUDE Choi by yakitunafish Milizia: Minkyu INAPTITUDE Choi by yakitunafish
amg ...... i got in..... :iconpapmingplz:

Name: MinKyu Peter Choi [최민규]

Division: Intel

Class: Freshman

Age: 18

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Nationality: Korean-American

Generally fit, but very average. Basic exercise isn't a problem, and he can hold his own in a fist fight. Never studied any form of fighting and doesn't really overdo it in the gym.

STR 3 || AGI 2
VIT 1 || INT 5
DEX 2 || DEF 0

earnest || respectful (in his own special way) || a bit of an idiot || empathetic || chatty

Although his range of expression is limited, Min Kyu is eccentric, at best.

In serious situations, despite being able to read the atmosphere, he will occasionally chime up with something completely inappropriate, with the best of intentions. He approaches everything earnestly and has only the highest respect for everyone around him, rarely sarcastic in his words and almost never meaning any sort of offense.

Unfortunately, his manner of speaking and bizarre thought processes often show him as disrespectful.

Cursing is almost as natural as breathing, and when he's not consciously focusing, a few always manage to slip in, otherwise, he would make a pirate blush. Also, because he first learned English from other kids around his admittedly ghetto neighborhood, his speech is almost a dialect of its own.

Purple elephants, sparkly waffles and such are the main subjects of Min Kyu's average daydream, and everyone around the general vicinity will know, whether they want to or not, because of his perpetually running mouth. This causes people to quickly assume drug usage, but after learning that he's never touched any remotely illegal substance, they proceed onto brushing him off as an idiot (a correct assumption).

Despite everything, he strives to make everyone happy and improve himself, keeping darker thoughts private and other thoughts painfully public.

Being from a split background, Min Kyu's heritage is equal parts Korean and American though he identifies as American.

In a smart, lazy immigrant move, his parents carefully planned the birth of their second child to be in the glorious states, granting him a sort of dual citizenship. They returned to the motherland where he spent the first five or so years of his life. Even among his peers, Min Kyu was outstanding, being accelerated two grades before finally moving back to America permanently.

His mother was a housewife, his father, a low-end businessman. The move from Korea had nulled their assets to just about zero. Their situation wasn't the best, and the urban neighborhood was more than a little seedy, but it was enough. They opened a hole-in-the-wall nail salon that made just enough income to support their life in America.

Min Kyu was raised by strictly Korean parents with strictly Korean ideals; even his legal name remained the same. As a result, he perfectly retained his first language, becoming completely fluent soon after being sent to a Korean language academy. His older brother lived away from home, attending a prestigious university on scholarship while on the other hand, Min Kyu spent a year as a free soul exploring the new neighborhood and helping his parents set up their shop. A small group of older boys bullied him at first, but were soon put off by his lack of reaction. They eventually took him in, more pitiful of the stupid Asian kid than anything, and became good friends in time, even giving him a proper English name (as no one really wanted to pronounce his legal name).

In the year he was away from school, they taught him how to speak English along with other useful little tidbits to survive around the hard-knocks area; needless to say Min Kyu was fluent in a different sort of English by the time he returned to school at age seven. The primary school was quick to accelerate him a year despite his foreign status and decidedly uncouth speech.

As his friends got older, they became more involved in gang activity around the area and although they remained friends, Min Kyu mostly stayed out of their 'other' business and they all kept him out of it. They were more into their ‘brothas’, and he was more into his ‘motha… board’ and circuits and other fun things. Like calculus. And quantum physics.

By the time high school came around, most of them had already dropped out. Min Kyu developed into a weird sort of loner who was nice, but didn't really have any friends around school. People came to him for help with homework, or notes (that he wouldn’t be able to give due to being asleep in class most of the time). Otherwise, they ignored the friendly, but really freaking weird guy that haunted the computer lab with his fancy, gadgety knickknacks and non-curriculum textbooks. That was alright though. He remained firmly at the top of their class through not so much effort on his part.

During Min Kyu's senior year in high school, one of his close friends, now the leader of some start-up gang, asked for some help with the more technical aspects of 'gang-running'. He agreed, offering his prowess in computers and hacking, with little consideration of the consequences of his actions, rather just wanting to make his friend happy. Soon, he became well known as a shadow name though no one really knew who he was as his presence was so minimal. However, this soon changed.

He graduated as the valedictorian of his class, a year younger than the rest of his peers, well versed in various advanced branches of science, fluent in 3 languages, and semifluent in 5 others. Of course, these weren’t his crown jewels. Computers were his children, and although he didn’t receive any public laurel for his skill, there was one community that recognized his abilities.

College was never really a thing. Min Kyu loved learning and studying, but only what he wanted to. The school system, for some reason, never really suited him, and that was okay, because his parents were pacified by a successful first son that had studied at Stanford and Yale, recently returning with his second set of Masters and PhD degrees, had a beautiful, Korean wife, and was making more than six digits with his generic, but high paying job. Min Kyu was left more or less alone to his own devices, supported by the now hugely lucrative hole-in-the-wall nail salon along with his loving brother’s stable income.

The gang began taking up more of his time, and his 4 hour sleep periods reduced to 2 hours on a good day, if ever. It all culminated to his friend’s arrest, in which the power was temporarily handed over to Min Kyu. Leadership was never his strong point. Within three days he had somehow gotten the gang caught up in some weird sort of thug war that he didn’t want any part of. So while the grunts sorted out all the violent stuff among themselves, Min Kyu watched in bemusement from behind his computer screen.

There was some sort of climax to the fighting at the local high school’s graduation, but he was only partially present, being there just as a guest to his sister-in-law’s younger sibling. He was, however, present for the final confrontation with the two other leaders. There was little objection on his part, and the “God of Wind and Fire” easily won his respect. He quickly bowed out of his friend’s gang, and an awkward prison visit with many manly tears shed and countless apologies later, the leadership was handed to a scary-looking guy whose name escaped his memory.

The two other leaders were friends, but really only arbitrarily. Close personal ties weren’t really his cup of tea, and although he’d pop in once in a while to catch up with them, he would generally keep his distance, only checking in occasionally to confirm the existence of support he could stand behind.

Though Min Kyu initially had no immediate plans for continuing his education, he often heard the others talk about a school, ‘Milizia’, in passing. He asked them about it, extensively researched the school, and it caught his interest. A military school almost vocational in nature; he’d already taken two years off, and it was a good time to get back in the groove. He’d be able to do his thing with other people who were better than him, and do it in a way that wasn’t always at least vaguely illegal, as it was before. There was, at that point, a huge internal battle on whether or not he should apply. On one hand, it was something he was definitely good at, on the other, it was a steep dedication. It was an offhanded quarrel with his brother that pushed him to apply. Worthless and deadbeat were things he definitely wasn’t. With no one else really knowing of his decision, Min Kyu submitted his application, cutting it close to deadline, but satisfied nonetheless.

Current Merit Count: 0

Inventory/Stock: M9 (Beretta 92FS) Pistol || Limited Edition Headmaster Doll


- Intelligent, but a dumbass

- Colors his hair red because he was dared to dye his eyebrows red and it didn't fade out yet.

- Almost always has dark circles from never sleeping

- Is really quite good at StarCraft

- Hates it when people somehow pronounce his name as 'Minky'

- Responds to Peter as well (Min Kyu is legal name)

- Only really has one expression

- Very straightforward, not overly introspective, thus no actual 'dark thoughts' (just needed that as a juxtaposition)

- Doesn't really like talking about the scar, but tells people that he got it from eating a particularly sharp Dorito chip

- Very, very Korean

- Speech patterns are usually extremely formal in other languages but English is permanently stuck on full blown ghetto illuminati

-Birthday: April 20

just... ........ sob

he'll probably have an eyebrow complex
but i love it when eyebrows are like
.... thicker than the actual eyes....... :iconpapmingplz:
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